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You LOL’d at the hilarious images Someecards posted for Mother’s Day, and then The Huffington Post scouted out 15 ecards you wish you could send your ex.(My fave: “I told our dog that you died.” Hahahahaha.) Now I bring you The 25 Funniest Ecards About Love, Dating and Marriage.

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You might be familiar with the crazy personalized video greetings that Jib Jab offers.Simply click on any category that you're interested in, then find a card that catches your eye.Each card is clearly marked if it's free or not free (most are free).Most of the cards on the site are free; they also have announcement, birthday, special occasion, holiday, love, and many more varieties of ecards.If you'd like to become a member of this site, you gain access to a lot more fun tools and services, such as a reminders service, contacts, and calendar.123Greetings is nicely organized into several main categories on the front page: Announcements, Anytime, Birthdays, Celebrations, Holiday, Love, Seasons, and Wishes/Thoughts, as well as a calendar of updated monthly holidays on the left-hand side.

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