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Squarespace offers responsive templates, meaning that you can resize your browser and the content (including the images, slideshows) will also automatically adjust to help give you an optimized viewing experience.This is especially helpful if your visitors tend to use mobile devices.So if you’re not creative or good with designs, Wix’s templates will work very well for you as you won’t have to struggle with creating your own page layout.).For example, you can build 1-pager parallax designs, insert video backgrounds, creating multiple sections on your pages, all without touching any codes.It will design your webpages and layouts for you, populate your content and just make your website look professional.This solves a lot of your headaches especially if you’re not great at design or you just want the fastest way to setup a professional looking website. You can either click on the main help button at the top of the page or each element that you use also has its own unique help button.

Wix also has an artificial intelligence system called “Wix ADI“(stands for Artificial Design Intelligence) that helps you build the first version of your website automatically.

They don’t overwhelm you with an excessive number of bells and whistles, and include all the necessary basics to build a functional website.

Weebly’s user interface is very intuitive to use, which is good for all levels of users especially if you are fearful of anything to do with technology.

You can literally build a good website in a few hours.

They’ve also been introducing more advanced features and tools lately.

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