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Just after Éliane wins a wager against the naval commander's (Gérard Lartigau) eight- man rowing crew, she finds herself bidding against a young French Navy lieutenant, Jean-Baptiste Le Guen (Vincent Pérez), on the same painting at an auction.She is flustered when he challenges her publicly and surprised when he turns up at her plantation days later, searching for the boy whose sampan he set ablaze for suspicion of opium smuggling. Out and about in the city, Jean-Baptiste witnesses the escape and shooting of a Vietnamese prisoner by a French police officer.Through her connections with high-ranking officials in the navy, Éliane has Jean-Baptiste transferred to Haiphong to protect Camille from getting hurt.Jean-Baptiste confronts Éliane about this at a Christmas party at her place, and a loud spat ensues in which he slaps her on the face.Apos ter os dois pokemons siga para Pacifidlog e siga pela corenteza tentando ir a este lugar.

Jean-Baptiste brings her indoors and cleans off the blood, cutting off her dress in the process and exposing her bosom.

After her best friends from the Nguyễn Dynasty die in a plane crash, she adopts their five-year-old daughter Camille (Ba Hoang, as child).

Guy Asselin (Jean Yanne), the head of the French security services in Indochina, courts Éliane, but she rejects him and raises Camille alone giving her the education of a privileged European through her teens.

Existe uma ordem certa para colocar o Relicanto e o Wailord(se não me engano é em primeiro o Relicanto e em ultimo o isso leia o braile do meio e use dig, voce abrira uma caverna e os regis estarão soltos.

Agora existem as tres cavernas dos regis localizadas2105 no mar ( va até a cidade de petalburg siga para a esquerda use surf para baixo e va indo pela esquerda até encontrar uma ilhazinha, passe para o outro lado dela e então suba até encontrar a caverna).entre leia o braile de a volta na caverna no sentido anti-horario e ao fim a porta se abrira la esta o regs ice no level 40.3120 (va ao maximo para a esquerda e suba as escadas passe pelos matinhos e então encontre a caverna)o braile va ao centro da caverna e use flash, abrira uma caverna e la estara o regisstel level 40.

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