Im dating a guy with a kid

Funny enough, I even have a positive relationship with her now too since we both just want what’s best for the kids.Tough moments will happen and he’ll need your support.Again, I had to hold in any jealous feelings and be mindful.These moments came where he’d miss regular, routine things and all I could do was listen and be there.I started to develop my own relationship with them and it was really special to me.This was a great thing, but I also had to keep in mind that if he and I broke up, I’d not only be breaking up with him but with the kids, too.I remember fairly early in our relationship, we were at dinner and out of nowhere his demeanor completely changed from happy to sad.

It can show you a side of love that you may never have known existed.I had to be an adult and remember that it didn’t work out for a reason.She calls and texts him regularly but I keep in mind it’s for the children.It’ll take some time to meet them but when you do, be interested.The kids had to deal with their parents splitting up, which can be hard, so I knew that meeting them wasn’t going to come right away.

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