How to do two way sexchat ed helms dating history

It was the first hot day of June and I was on the top deck of a double-decker bus.

The type you always see in the tourist images of London.

His middle finger slid into the crevice between my cheeks and touched the sensitive spot at the base of my spine. With his other hand he lifted the waistband of his underwear and for the first time I saw the smooth shiny head of his exposed rod of flesh.

He pulled the waistband farther down exposing his full length and hooked it under his swollen balls.

The usual ‘horse-play’, wrestling with one or two of them on the floor of my living room when my parents were at work.

Today, under my sweatshirt, I was wearing a plain black t-shirt.

it was quite baggy and pulled it out of my trousers to help with the ventilation.

We would strip down to the waist and take off our shoes and socks and try to pin each other for a count of three.

I always had a raging boner even before we began, so you can imagine, after a few minutes of forcing my an arm between my best mates legs, grasping his ass and feeling the heat of his balls against my forearm I was ready to cum in my pants! On this occasion I was on the public bus travelling from my home to school.

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