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New findings suggest that the three-second memory of the fish is in fact a myth The finding challenges the stereotype of fish being forgetful sorts, an idea reinforced by films such as Finding Nemo, whose characters include an absent-minded fish called Dory.

On a more serious note, it could also prove a boon to fish farmers, cutting the need for expensive cages and feeding regimens.

They even clustered around the lever as feeding hour approached, apparently remembering it was nearly lunchtime.

Or, since most fish sauce arrives smelling basically like dead fish, you may ask does fish sauce go bad?

Back at the Fish Tank, a torture specialist by the name of Bob is getting ready to de-bone Fish.

I easily found the fish I was staring at in the store and could make my decision on whether to buy that species RIGHT THEN based on TW's "Good Fish" or "Bad Fish" rating. Most pet store people have no idea where a fish comes from. Most think it was bred in an aquarium farm when the opposite is true. I was recently in a major pet co store and turned the fish department person into this app.

, the show with a thousand plots…three of which are actually interesting!

We open with the immediate aftermath of Falcone’s shutdown/murder show.

Scientists at St Andrews University in Scotland found minnows to be at least as intelligent as rats.

Researcher Dr Mike Webster said at the time: 'A lot of people have the image of a goldfish with a three-second memory - and that's not the case at all.'There is a lot of evidence now that fish are no dumber than birds or many mammals - and in many cases they are just as intelligent.'Many fishes - such as minnows, sticklebacks, and guppies - are capable of the same intellectual feats as, for example, rats or mice.'They can learn their way around mazes, they can learn to recognise other fish, and they can remember which individuals are better competitors.'According to research at Plymouth University, goldfish have a memory span of up to three months - and can even tell the time.

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