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That’s a contrast with millennials, 53 percent of whom prefer to use a debit or credit card for small purchases.Overall, 17 percent of Americans now prefer to use credit or debit cards to pay for small items.Transferring one or more current credit card balances to a zero percent interest rate card can help you more quickly pay off your creditors.That's because your entire monthly payment will be going toward the principal, not the interest, helping you become debt-free faster.

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If you're chipping away at credit card debt, you're likely paying for the privilege of having that plastic in your wallet, as well as the convenience of carrying a balance over time. The interest you're getting charged is the bank's way of making a profit off you, month after month, year after year.THE GOOD The major benefit of a credit card balance transfer is that it offers you the opportunity to save big bucks.Balance transfers featuring zero percent offers are especially nice, but even a low-rate balance transfer can save you money if your current credit card interest rates are moderate or high.Free websites such as Card allow you to search for cards in multiple categories, including cards that offer cash back; low introductory rates; balance transfers; gas rewards; credit card deals; miles and points.Another selling point of balance transfer offers is that they provide a way for you to streamline and simplify your finances.

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