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Your NFCC-certified consumer credit counselors will examine your current unsecured debt level and may recommend a disciplined action plan to achieve your debt relief goal.

On your behalf, your counselor will request reduced credit card fees, interest rates, and other concessions offered by your creditors in return for your commitment to a Debt Management Plan with

Since 1983,’s nonprofit credit counseling agency has maintained an A rating with The Better Business Bureau.

When you decide to make your financial education partner, a CCCS credit counselor will teach you how to live a money-smart lifestyle by avoiding incurring additional credit card debt, and offering help with credit card debt.

If you are determined to get there, we can help you become debt-free in 5 years or less.

If you’re a good candidate for credit and debt consolidation, your comprehensive consolidation plan will lower your interest rates and, if approved by your creditor, forgive your accumulated late or over limit fees when starting the plan.

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