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They then catch sight of Toby, who temporarily picks up his shirt long enough for the girls to spot a tattoo that says "901 Free At Last," presumably memorializing the date Alison disappeared, but they haven't put this together yet.

Next, Toby surprises Emily with tickets to Homecoming.

He also forks over cash for their tickets; Spencer tries to refuse, but Alex insists, seductively slipping the money into her back pocket.

Then, Hanna makes a false move in nudging Maya to attend Homecoming and makes a comment that Emily wants her to come.

Ezra spots them, then walks away, and Aria runs after him.

Out of earshot of the dance, Ezra tells Aria that seeing Aria dancing with guys her own age makes him realize that breaking up with her was the right thing to do.

Hanna knows that Emily is anxious about what others will think of the person Emily wants as her date to the dance, but is not prepared to hear that her date is Toby.

Later, Toby meets with Jenna, who warns Toby that Emily will hate him when she finds out his secret.

She comforts Aria about her family situation and unsuccessfully tries to get her to admit who she's crushing on.She’s nervous to accept because of what her friends may think, but can’t deny her burgeoning attraction to him either.Meanwhile, Spencer is worried about how things will go over when she brings Alex to the dance."A" tampers with a Tarot card at the fortune teller's booth to let Spencer know that she is also watching the pair and that her friend is about to get it.Vexed by the Hastings sisters' treatment of him, Alex eventually leaves.

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