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Despite the site claiming that there are no fake profiles, there are.Enough that just flicking through a few pages of profiles and you'll start to see the same pictures recurring, only that the profiles associated with the pictures will have completely different details.Fiction Transgendered Transgender Breast Shemale Picture Galleries Real Shemales Bianca Transexual Shemale ange movies Transgender aimee turney houston tx Ladyboys beijing Vanity tranny vids Shemale face cream 3 Pros of transgendered children Erotic stories houston shemale shemale husbands very big cock shemale cum shemale facials transgender information huge shemale passes cock ladyboy tracker tranny transgender online quiz shemale houston transsexual pink tranny dyke post op.fake multiple profiles, all you need are multiple email addresses and any one can make 10 20 30 or even 40 fake profiles just take pictures of someone in the street upload them & fling finder claims no fake profiles. Although it is technically possible on any site to use multiple email addresses to create multiple accounts, that doesn't mean that they would make it through our review process. Nothing..."I had a paid membership & cancelled it after a week when I realised the 5 profiles I was sending messages to was the same person. in different states, but it was one person who had created multiple profiles.The other thing is for paid membership you have to go thru Pay Pal the site dosent have their own card facilities.Signed-up for a paid account for three months, reached out to over 150 persons but it seems to me that the girls willing to send you a picture or open up the profile for reviewing all the pictures are really struggling to get someone in real life due to their looks.You can write blogs, chat in the chatrooms, and be part of an online community.

The chat room is at most have 20 people and It is the most real people I think this site has.

Unfortunately though, some of the guys think we'll date anyone and everyone....thats not the sites fault.

The admin team seem to really care about the members too. The creator managed to get this by consumer rights somehow.

have been using this site for about 12 months now, and the first thing I noticed was the vast difference between full and trial membership for men, trial membership for men is very limited whereas once you have become a financial member all options open up.

Having said that, I did manage to meet two very wonderful women, both of which I am still very good friends with, before coughing up a cent to the site, so there still are options there.

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