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The courts have wrapped these requirements in a doctrine known as ?To tolerate imprecision just short of that rendering a claim “insolubly ambiguous” would diminish the definiteness requirement’s public-notice function and foster the innovation-discouraging “zone of uncertainty,” against which this Court has warned.forehead thermometer patent for claiming ineligible subject matter is not enough to invalidate entire patents covering the invention, saying an analysis of each individual patent claim is still necessary to determine their validity.“Generation Um…” follows a day in the life of John and his two beautiful cohorts as they live life on the fringe, immersed in sex, drugs and indecision.As they navigate their daily routine of bars, crowds and New York City living, they embark on a path of self-discovery.To date, the Board has not invalidated a single challenged claim under § 112 in an IPR proceeding.

, Judge Sally Medley asked counsel how the Board could confirm the patentability of a patent claim, if the claim is invalid under § 112: JUDGE MEDLEY: What if we get involved in the trial and we determine, “Hey, we can’t figure out what these claims mean.” .

The burden of establishing invalidity of a patent or any claim thereof shall rest on the party asserting such patent claims, the patent statute requires that the “claims particularly point[] out and distinctly claim[] the subject matter which the inventor or a joint inventor regards as the invention.” 35 U.

As the Supreme Court writes: A patent is invalid for indefiniteness if its claims, read in light of the specification delineating the patent, and the prosecution history, fail to inform, with reasonable certainty, those skilled in the art [at the time the patent was filed] about the scope of the invention.

In many Mac OS X applications, Vietnamese text can be converted among different encodings via the Services menu.

For conversion via the command line, an enhanced Macintosh port of UVConverter 1.1.3b, the universal command-line Vietnamese text encoding converter by Pham Kim Long, is included.

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