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Oregon topped the rankings with 1.57 single-person households (by million), 118.8 EV stations per 1 million people, 41.4 vegan/vegetarian restaurants per 1 million people, and a 62.1 (out of 100) well-being index score.

The worst state in the nation is Wyoming, coming in at 51 (DC was included; it took spot two.) with only 0.22 single-person households, 64.5 EV stations, 8.7 restaurants, and no data available for their well-being index score.

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With more progressive populations and plenty of earth-friendly date options, nine of the top ten states in the country were coastal.

The singles ready to mingle live in Oregon, DC, Hawaii, Washington, New York, Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada (the only outlier), and California.

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