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Here is what you need to understand to get started with templates.

Not sure if you’re still monitoring this for questions, but just in case…

It has the following: Site: Existing templates: Description: Save as: In the Site drop down, the only available options are "web draft and root", and "wwwroot". Each unit has their own site that lies on the web draft server.

And these existing templates are for our main site. It has it's own folder, called EC, in our web draft and production folders. They make changes to their site, and then I upload them to our production server.

I went to my site, refreshed my file and the template portion is still wrong (I’ve changed a link in my table of contents because I moved a file from a sub-directory up to the root level — not sure I’m using the correct language there). I read the article about finding all the pages that use the same template in order to ensure that my file was using that correct template. After you update your pages, any page that has changed will have to be uploaded.

I don't want to save it in our web draft or root Templates folder. Should I try to get her to create a new page based on the template and see what response she gets? The reason I ask about nesting Site Definitions in Dreamweaver is that it will screw up anything that relies on the DW cache. Well, it's like this: Root Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 etc Templates That's just an example.

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Hi, I'm trying to help a customer with a template she's been working on.

She uploaded the changes she made to the template, but the template will not update the child pages.

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