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Here I think it is not entirely irrelevant to point out that the directors are, like James and Gary, a committed gay couple living in Echo Park and employed in the film industry (Mr Westmoreland is a former director of direct-to-video gay porn films), one of whom is considerably younger and British.

They claim that the fact is merely coincidental, and it is true that James and Gary are not portrayed as being a very sympathetic pair.

And yet they undoubtedly share the belief of the films gay couple and, it appears to me, pretty much the entire gay community today that sex is (or ought to be) merely recreational and to have nothing to do with morality except insofar as it involves personal loyalties.

"I think these stories reflect frustration on the part of some women who simply do not get the response they want from these men," he says. Gossip is in the air more, and people are responding to it." Keanu himself doesn't help."Look, there's always been a palpable growth of gossip as an industry," says Geffen. Billy Masters at Filth reported, "We can finally put to rest the rumors about Keanu Reeves and David Geffen.They never met, never wanted to, and sources tell me that David is holding out for someone who can actually act...It isn't Reeve's fault, exactly: He's become a confident and likable action star, but he needs a script that does more than pair him with a pretty physicist..." "Despite all the stunts and special effects," Leah Rozen said in People, "Chain Reaction's plot, character development and dialogue are as barren as the snowy winter landscapes that pervade the movie.Chalk one up in the miss column for director Andrew Davis, who turned 1993's 'The Fugitive' into such a snappy and tense piece of work...

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