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If you're holding out for a true sequel to DJI's popular folding Mavic Pro drone—and the Mavic Air just doesn't do it for you—you might not be waiting long.The rumor mill thinks the Mavic Pro II will arrive in March sporting a 1-inch sensor!Robert Rose is a pro photographer and philanthropist, but maybe most importantly, he's DPR staffer Carey Rose's dad.For many years he carried a bag full of gear on his yearly trips to Nepal, but these days the i Phone 8 is all he brings.Samsung has revealed a new configurable dual-camera module designed for use in entry-level and mid-range smartphones.Expect even budget models to have a dual-camera setup (and fake bokeh Portrait mode) moving forward.A drone pilot has enraged the general public and drone enthusiasts alike after posting a video that shows him flying directly above a commercial airliner that was taking off from Las Vegas' Mc Carran International Airport.

This reader uses a 40Gb/s Thunderbolt 3 connection to transfer data from SSD, XQDm CFast, CF, SD and Micro SD cards at a blistering speed from its seven media slots.And if you somehow get around the software, South Korean authorities with security drones are waiting...A fully loaded i Mac Pro will cost you an eye-watering ,000...Find out what makes it 'good enough.'Cinema camera manufacturer Arri has launched a completely new, 'large format' 4K system comprising a camera with a new lens mount and 16 new lenses to go with it.The Alexa LF camera uses a roughly 'full frame' sensor and can record up to 4.5K at frame rates of 150 fps.

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