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CAB is the music professional’s gateway to the South American music markets in 2017 and beyond!

The 2017 CAB tour will travel to 3 markets in South America bringing together 50 other international VIP’s and[…] Filed Under: News Billy Bragg, the protest singers’ protest singer, released a new mini album ‘Bridges Not Walls’ out now.

On a personal note she was warm and generous and one of my favourite artists to work with.

To mark the announcement of the album, Lissie would like to share the haunting track and video Blood And Muscle (track available as an[…] Filed Under: News The Chile, Argentina, Brazil (CAB) Music Trade Mission Tour commences November 24 through December 9.

Most likely, the date has been set up by friends who really know you and the other person.

So, if the spark of love doth not fly, at least there is a good chance it won't be horrendous.

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No more amazing first dates, no more first kisses, no more hilarious bad-date stories.

And there are now enough amazing success stories to convince anyone of it's effectiveness. Don't try and impress with white lies - better to find out if he likes the real you, right at the start. If you didn't like your date, let them know gently the next day.

However, online dating requires a close following of the dating rules (see below) but once I'd clocked onto these, I found it brilliant fun. There is just no way on earth I could tell if they were lovely or not in two minutes! You find out via an online form whether people liked you or not. Always practise good dating karma as one day it might be you on the receiving end! If a guy has the courage to ask you out - be kind!! The gold chain and silver tiger - where can I get it from?

Online dating Some people say it lacks old school romance.

But for many people this is a small price to pay for meeting someone in a comfortable environment. But as one person commented, is it any more dangerous than picking someone up in a bar?

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