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Reading the sanctimonious smugness of some of the comments on this blog, it's a sure thing that any gay person looking to find Jesus would find the welcome mat pulled right out from under them at the entrance of most SDA churches.

It is no small wonder to me why so many gays want nothing to do with the church and have retreated into their own community where at least they aren't made to feel like scum that should be swept out with the trash.

Our job as leaders is to care for people and help them be ready to meet Jesus.

Markham, What I find even more obscene is how so many people in our church (and this blog string) are quicker to condemn than redeem, typically because they obvioulsy either don't know what it is to be redeemed, or they have forgotten.

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I have seen pastor to disfelowship many people for relatively small reasons and later to forgive the adultery of his own son and even to defend manifestation of judgemental spirit and intolerance.I wonder if that mindset in itself is a manifestation of judgemental spirit and intolerance. In our church we have two man who are born homosexual.This is the second of several sneak peeks at some of the people featured in the film.Producer Daneen Akers states, "we'll eventually have different styles of teasers/trailers that will showcase different voices, styles, and tones."She adds, "I love this one because it's simply the voices of several of the main film subjects sharing the core of the challenge, the difficult question of a seemingly dichotomous identity — I'm Adventist, and I'm gay. "Click here to view the first teaser released four months ago.

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