Dating woman incarcerated

2 career households rarely work and rarely benefit children.

Again, there are exceptions, but they are merely that, exceptions.

Also, differentiate from having a job to having a career. PM Re: For Professional woman approaching and over 40 Ann G Contributor Ann G –and what is it, exactly, that makes you assume all women want to have children?

Not all men want to have children, but that’s okay, right?

Most don’t need the aggravation and have chosen women more suitable for them, if they elect to get married. Don’t be angry that your options are limited or that men don’t wish to be with you for any length of time.

Sure, f&ck them and play with them, but don’t have a serious relationship. Typically, there is no future with a career woman if you actually wish to have a family and not raise latchkey children.If you have ovaries, though, and choose not to use them, you’re a freak.I married at 40, to a wonderful man ten years older. Adopt It is unlikely at 40 that you will find someone, other than a sperm donor, who will have children with you.If a professional, you likely have extreme time demands to continue the corporate climb. If you elect to adopt/invitro/surrogate you will be a single mother and that empirical data and statistics clearly support that children raised in this environment tend to be more likely to engage in risky behavior, to be criminals, to have dysfuntional relationships with others that lead to unproductive lives, etc.

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