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Visakhapatnam Port is the fifth-busiest cargo port in India, and the city is home to the headquarters of the Indian Navy's Eastern Command.

Visakhapatnam is a major tourist destination and is particularly known for its beaches.

The Buddhist settlement found here is estimated to date back from the first century BC to the second century AD.

On the hillock (which overlooks the coastline) are 16 rock-cut cisterns for collecting rainwater.

The name "Śankaram" derives from the Sangharama (temple or monastery).

Pavurallakonda ("pigeon hill") is a hillock west of Bhimli, about 24 km (15 mi) from Visakhapatnam.Among other Buddhist attractions are a relic casket, three chaitya halls, votive platforms, stupas and Vajrayana sculptures.Bavikonda is an important Buddhist heritage site located on a hill about 15 km, northeast from Visakhapatnam city. Bavikonda has remains of an entire Buddhist complex, comprising 26 structures belonging to three phases.The three major schools of Buddhism (Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana) flourished here.The complex is known for its monolithic stupas, rock-cut caves and brick structures.

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