Dating scams update

The military leave scam occurs when the "soldier" you are in contact with mentions that he wants to visit you, and just needs to file for military leave. Read More The scammer will introduce himself using one of many possible social network sites, dating websites, or email. Scams increase with the amount of age between the victim and scammer.

We have an extensive database that we use to collect any and all information regarding these persons, so we can publish it on the Internet and warn women about them.

Scammers usually create fake profiles online or take the identities of real people, such as military personnel or professionals working overseas.

What to look out for Learn more about safely socialising online.

Criminals attempt to start an online relationship with a victim and then ask for money, gifts or other valuable personal information.

These scams may take place on online dating sites, but are also initiated through social media or email.

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