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Men who initiate a first date via text feel shut down when women don't respond, while women feel a text shows no real effort from the man. Though mature daters still want to look good, physical appearance is less the top priority.

Those who have once felt "I'm not in their league" aesthetically may now find the object of their interest has a different criteria for what is attractive.

Treat yourself to a new toy and a one-on-one masturbation session, which can be just as fulfilling as actual sex.

Being the only single friend can have its benefits.

One of the best things about being in a long-term relationship is knowing you can have good sex (almost) whenever you want.

Not only do relationships mean you've become accustomed to one another's bodies and desires, but you also feel comfortable enough to suggest new positions and other fantasies.

Meeting new people can be difficult in general, but dating is a completely unique (and baffling) experience.

There really are some strange people out there, and after hearing all of your friends' horror stories, you're bound to have fears about the people you'll come across.

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And as for your friends, let's be honest, as a form of moral support, they'll probably just call him names and remind you of all the shitty things he did.

But when it becomes a regular occurrence, it gets pretty disheartening when your friends are all busy cuddling or going out to dinner with their SOs, and you're five seasons deep in another historical romance series.

But despite the negatives that come with being single, it can actually be fun once you get over the rough post-breakup hurdle.

Leaving a relationship behind can be a scary thing.

You've invested time, energy and money into something you hoped would last forever, and now, you're struggling on what to do with you're newfound freedom.

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