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A palace flunky was found to guide them to a wing where these unexpected visitors might sleep, but Hitler did not rest yet.

He began dictating a law establishing a German ‘Protectorate’ over Bohemia and Moravia.

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If hell on earth existed, than it existed in Prague after May the 5th. Old men, women and children were beaten to death and maimed.

In the 1930s, with the growing Nazi threat, the New German Theatre in Prague was among the bastions of democracy, serving as a refuge for artists fleeing from Germany.

By the time fire grenades were employed the entire building burnt down and with it the complete City archives burnt to ashes.

The clockwork of the astronomical clock was taken apart and taken by cart to the workshop of the Hainz company in Prague – Holešovice.

At two in the morning a cold buffet arrived, provided by the local German Centre.

There was Pilsen beer: Hitler was prevailed upon to sample a small glass but he grimaced, did not finish it, and went to bed.

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