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The vulnerability of children adopted by foreign families has been in debate since 2011, when a 13-year-old girl died in the care of her adoptive parents in the US.

The move has proved largely popular, although some have suggested the services available in Ethiopia do not meet the needs of such children.

I now regularly transfer money to my Thai account via Transferwise (read this post after this one), which means I avoid the bank sending and receiving charges, and currency conversion fees. Things are a hell of a lot easier in Thailand when you have a Thai ATM card and an account to transfer money into.

But despite the visa you have, be it a retirement visa, work permit or Non O visa based on marriage, opening an account can be a nightmare.

I was tired of extortionate withdrawal fees when using my home bank cards, not to mention problems with ATMs not accepting my card(s) at critical moments – such as on nights out on the town.

The easiest, however, may very well be K-Bank, depending on the branch.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are among those who have adopted children from Ethiopia, when in 2005 they adopted their daughter Zahara Marley.

The first draft of this post appeared 6 years ago, after my frustrating experience of trying to open a bank account in Thailand.

Online banking was set up for me at the ATM by a member of staff.

The ATM card was issued on the spot, for a 300 Baht fee, and I've had to replace it once due to wear and tear.

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