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This printable template is easy to use, and the whole love letter project can be completed in a matter of minutes, leaving you with a go-to file of love letters for the whole year!

PRINTING TIP: We highly recommend printing on pastel Sticky Notes.

Check out more BB alums weighing in on the prospect of an all-stars season below -- and tune into Big Brother every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday on CBS.

Francesca has a sixth sense when it comes to relationships - she intuitively knows what works.

We know how it goes: you want to leave a love letter for your sweetie, but who has time?

Plus, no matter how much you love him, writing a love letter can be downright daunting!

“From then on, it was, I guess it was a love story, and now she's my girlfriend.” Julie Chen Weighs in on 'Big Brother' 19's Jess and Cody's Romance and Possible All-Stars Return ET caught up with the couple on set of a special shoot for Big Brother in Los Angeles, where Victor, Nicole and other alumni channeled their BB Comics characters for an Avengers-style mock movie trailer, set to air as part of a competition on Sunday’s episode.“Obviously she lives in Michigan, and I live in New Orleans, so it was kind of a surprise trip that kind of sprung up on us,” Victor says.

BIG BROTHER THURSDAY‼️ I’ll be live chatting tonight’s episode with my girl Nicole in @tvpartyapp since she's back home now 😔. I told Victor and Nicole, I said, I wish you all the best.

Lighter colors will ensure that all the design details, as well as YOUR handwritten sentiments, are easily seen!

Print all these letters (yes, even the apology “I’m sorry” Love Notes) at once so they are ready to go whenever you need them! These darling notes will make your spouse’s birthday one to remember.

It makes crafting the perfect, personalized note a cinch!

If you’ve never printed on Sticky Notes before, our handy instruction sheet will walk you through the steps.

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