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She tells how she moved from a modest apartment in her native Oakland, California, to a fourbedroom home (with three bathrooms) near Beverly Hills with her "manager" (she refuses to call him her "pimp") and father of her children, one "Gangsta" Brown.At one time or another, according to tonight's episode of Hollywood Lives, the garage housed a Rolls-Royce and a Mercedes Benz.She and Grant were "acquainted" for barely half an hour.Yet, as she reveals, the effect on their lives could not have been more dramatic - or different.Under different circumstances, we might never have discovered the identity of the celebrity who was later described as sounding like "the Prince of Wales"; or the hooker who performed a (£37) "trick" for him.But their encounter was interrupted by a tap on the window.

Their attention had been drawn to the BMW because the brake lights kept flashing "on and off" ... "I guess he was having a really good time," she says.Grant's relationship with Hurley did not survive the fallout (to add insult to injury, Divine Brown revealed that Grant liked her taste in perfume.And no, she gloated, it was not Estee Lauder, promoted by Hurley for an estimated £1.5 million; Brown found that "too sweet and sickly".) But what of Divine Brown?Divine was 25 when she appeared in that Versace dress. Her hair is styled, her fingernails manicured and her eyebrows plucked in a perfect arch.She calls her liaison with Grant a "blessing", adding, mischievously: "What happened that night made him 'famous' in the States, and made me famous overseas." Indeed her five minutes of (in)famy - or should that be 30 minutes - she says, made her a millionairess.

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