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In 1999, the church launched a nationwide radio broadcast through DZRH, RMN and 100 Radyo Natin stations.

The UNTV Public Service channel, Radyo La Verdad 1350 k Hz, TOP Channel, The Truth Channel, TV Verdade and TV La Verdad are the official religious media services of the Members Church of God International.

In February 1983, the program was aired for the first time in television through IBC Channel 13.

In 1997, the program moved to RJTV Channel 29, government-owned PTV-4 and later in SBN 21.

Larry Henares who is also an advocate of breastfeeding and UNTV’s CEO Daniel Razon on the LED screen as this was aired live.

(MADELYN MILANA /Photoville International)October 24, 2013 (Marikina City) — More than 35,000 breastfeeding mothers participated in the simultaneous breastfeeding event held on October 24 this year in up to 1,000 stations nationwide, breaking a 2007 Guinness World Record for Simultaneous Breastfeeding in Multiple Sites.

In 1980, he decided to go on radio and after a few years on television to preach the gospel.

In 1999, the church took advantage of the advancement in internet technology.

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Nurturers of the Earth is looking at breaking its own Guinness World Record of the most number of breastfeeding women in multiple sites. (JAMES VERCIDE / PHOTOVILLE International)Nurturers of the Earth’s Dr. Henares-Esguerra has strongly advocated breastfeeding, voicing that it should be an urgent multi-sectoral concern. Henares-Esguerra further elaborated that [breastfeeding] “addresses the issues of food security, medicine, economy, ecology, empowerment, love and faith, and everyone should be involved, especially health professionals.”Former Rep. Bondoc, a doctor and author of a bill for breastfeeding and strengthening the country’s Milk Code, is one of the leading voices promoting breastfeeding versus cow’s milk infant formula.

It is popularly known in the Philippines as Ang Dating Daan (ADD) (English: The Old Path), the title of its flagship radio and television program and currently the longest-running religious program in the Philippines with Eliseo Soriano (also known as "Bro.

Eli") as the program's main host and the "Overall Servant" (Former title: "Presiding Minister") to MCGI.

On the picture are the participants of simultaneous breastfeeding, some boy scouts and girl scouts, Dr.

Elvira Henares-Esguerra of Nurturers of the Philippines (in pink blouse) together with her father, UNTV Chairman Emeritus Mr.

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