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Evidence of wide streets, brick dwellings an apartment houses with tiled bathrooms, covered city drains, and community swimming pools indicates a civilisation as advanced as that found anywhere else in the ancient Orient.

Knowledge of the Hindu system spread through the Arab world, reaching the Arabs of the West in Spain before the end of the tenth century.

where he gave a full account of the Hindu numerals which was the first to expound the system with its digits 0,1,2,3,....,9 and decimal place value which was a fairly recent arrival from India.

Because of this book with the Latin translations made a false inquiry that our system of numeration is arabic in origin.

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A favourite subject of theirs was Indian mathematics..." etc.

even so, India today or tomorrow, will, I am confident, revolutionize western doctrines of progress by demonstrating the insufficiency and lack of finality of much of the West's present system of human values.""The Indian mind has always had for calculations and the handling of numbers an extraordinary inclination, ease and power, such as no other civilization in history ever possessed to the same degree.

So much so that Indian culture regarded the science of numbers as the noblest of its arts...

Sanskrit notation had an excellent conceptual quality.

It was easy to use and moreover it facilitated the conception of the highest imaginable numbers.

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