Christian connection dating agency

As soon as someone reports lies about your account,the management are quickly in sending you an email of deleting your account.... I'm a good looking girl and find it hard to attract the right type of Christian men.I will NEVER EVER RECOMMEND this website to anyone... Read Full Review It probably works for some people. There are older men on there, 50 and it makes me wonder why they would contact a 20 something girl.

No right of appeal, no other explanations, just dumped.

Being a Christian myself I do like the site, but really could do with more paid members and people that actively use their account…

Read Full Review do not go on the boards there is a chance u will be reported and thrown off if u do not join the gang and with silly people who run it making personal remarks on people then u get buisness people who wouldnt know the word of God if it bit them on the dum…

That Ritchie and the ginger bearded 65yr old Newcastle troll the worst!

Some people seem to be confused about what they're reviewing. They provide a forum for people to meet on, not guarantees that you'll find a prince straight away.

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