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“I was able to relate to the depth of her love, separating it from the way she acts it out.I have loved that deeply in my life before, so I can understand her passion for it,” she added, noting to laughs that that doesn't mean she'd ever pee on the floor the way her character did in the first season.Brooks finds it exciting — and a little scary — to have a platform for the first time in her life.“Being a women of curves, I think it’s really important to talk about loving your body the way you are.“It’s very important to play in both worlds,” she said of the delicate balance that she strikes between serious and funny.“I don’t think anything is all humorous or all serious.

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Though the series is being submitted for Emmy recognition as a drama — part of a recent rule change — Kohan spoke candidly and passionately of the series' dramedy roots.Kohan prefers to have a theme for every season, but she doesn’t necessarily strictly adhere to it in every episode.Instead, she likes to have it “humming in the background." Viewers can also expect more backstory reveals as Kohan digs deeper into each of the women's entertainment first, but Kohan acknowledged that the show is also designed to be a commentary on a deeply broken prison system.I remember watching dramas and thinking when there was no humor and no comic relief that they didn’t reflect any sort of reality.” She believes the story needs a “dramatic spine” to hold it together, but one of the first things the real life Piper Chapman told her about her life in prison is how often she and the other inmates would laugh. “How do you survive watching the show, let alone writing it, without some humor? The answer to that question may reveal way more than I want to,” cracked Aduba when asked what from her off-screen life she brought to her "Crazy Eyes" character.Without going into much detail, the Emmy winner said that she truly understands her character, who she affectionately refers to by her real name, Suzanne.

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