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Even conflate the hard work of performance with "just another type of closet"...despite claiming they would buy a performer's work whether straight or not!

Neurotic fraus end up reinforcing the status quo: ONLY straight actors do hard work, devote to their jobs, are believable onscreen, are "honest" (cos hey, it's THEIR culture and identities in the stories onscreen - that easily get written, funded, produced, cast!

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Why isn't Quinto getting more lead roles by non-studio, producer-packaged work?

)A powerful guy like JJ Abrams who's fearless to cast women, blacks and Quinto in lead or ensemble roles of event movies THAT SELL TO CHINA, is a RARE EXCEPTION.

He does it by branded franchise (actors don't stand on their own, but beloved brands with built-in fanbase), or high-concept sci-fi/horror that cost little.

Turn them into laughing stocks for people to reject, as some "inauthentic product" (newsflash: all PR are fantasy-friendly stories, including those by "straights"!

) All it did was create traffic to their gossip sites, and turn fraus into rabid neurotics living for a game of suspecting and attacking celebs' every word and act -- for "(when's) the real gayness coming out?

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