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They’re so selfish they don’t think a man has needs, wants or a life of his own.

The reason single mothers need the drama is because it makes them feel important. And when Captain-Save-A-Hoe™ is doting on them trying to solve their problems it makes them feel an artificial sense of value.

They’re still looking for some Rich Incredibly Handsome Man™ to put on a cape and play Captain Save-A-Hoe™, sweep her off her feet and take her out of the troubling situation she helped make.

A single mother will be the sweetest thing when a man first dates her, but a few months into a relationship she turns into a NUTJOB.

They’re stranded in 18 years of Hell and they’re looking for someone to be company to join them in their misery. Single mothers are the kind of women to always cancel dates at the last minute.

Something always gets in the way of a man spending time with her.

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