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The couple's daughter is due on 19 November He told interviewer Daphne Barak, who is putting together a special documentary 'Coming Home With The Kennedys: ‘I have mental illness.I am someone in recovery from addiction and mental illness and these are brain illnesses but people often understand them as character flaws as opposed to chemistry issues.Bipolar disorder can be nearly as traumatic for the partners of those with the disorder as it is for the patients themselves.The episodes of depression and mania that bipolar people experience—which can lead to emotional withdrawal, out-of-the-blue accusations and outbursts, spending sprees, and everything in between—have been shown to induce stress, sexual dissatisfaction, and money worries in their partners, as well as depression. The answer is different for everyone Read more More about bipolar disorder "Mental illness is, on some levels, a contagious disease," says David Karp, Ph D, a professor of sociology at Boston College who has studied interpersonal dynamics within bipolar couples.He spoke bravely of his own struggle with addiction and bipolar disorder and said that public ignorance and the social stigma associated with mental illness heightened the suffering of his relatives affected in earlier generations – particularly his aunt Rosemary, about whom the family rarely speak.Finding normality: Patrick with his wife, Amy and stepdaughter, Harper Petitgout, then 4, on the birth of his first child, Owen Patrick, in April last year.Mental illness is a diagnosis not a moral judgement, he has said, and it has stalked his family for generations Patrick Kennedy’s own very public confrontation with his mental problems came about at 2.45am on a May morning in 2006.

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A person's beliefs, use of alcohol and other drugs, or a combination of past emotional hurts may be at the root of anger.Another study of bipolar caregivers found that 86% of the participants characterized the stress they experienced as a result of their partners illness as "major." And 9 out of 10 said they found it difficult to keep the relationship going.Next Page: Building a team for support [ pagebreak ]Building a team for support Many people enter into relationships with a bipolar person unwittingly, thinking it will be smooth sailing, says Adele Viguera, MD, a psychiatrist at the Cleveland Clinic who works with bipolar couples seeking to start a family.Reflecting on this painful part of the family history, Mr Kennedy admitted that Rosemary’s treatment, and the family’s fear that her illness would impact negatively on their reputation and social standing, contributed forcefully to his own sense of how vital it is to speak up and out.‘Because what is essentially part of the discrimination is the attitude barriers that people with mental illness face.And those attitudinal barriers are the same that fueled other bigotry against people of color because they look different, or people of different sexual orientation.’The interview forms part of a new documentary, ‘Coming Home With the Kennedys,’ which airs next month.

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