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This commitment was made by Hollande during his campaign, on the exact same day that the law was abolished [4th May 2012].

The law was originally abolished because it was feared that it would be too easy to wrongly convict people of sexual harassment.

However, it is clear that the place of women in French politics is still determined by their male leaders.

In Hollande’s case it cannot be truly judged whether he is sincere in his feminist convictions.

Germain argues that this photo aims to set the right mood for the rest of Hollande’s term and keep the electorate sweet on Ayrault’s government. A sense that Hollande has done this out of necessity has crept in amongst feminist critics.

It’s as if Hollande is keeping a copy of this photo in his wallet to pull out in sticky political situations and say, “But look at this photo! In an article on Egalite Infos, the feminist academic Françoise Gaspard argues that Hollande set himself up during his campaign to commit to gender parity, when it wasn’t necessarily driven by his own personal beliefs.

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Perhaps one day gender parity in government institutions will be so commonplace that it will not constitute a PR photo op.

This role has been brought back over a decade after it was abolished in 1998.

The promise to bring back this ministerial position is one that Hollande made in a speech during his electoral campaign on International Women’s Day.

Cannes Film Festival opened this week with the usual glitz and glamour one would expect from an internationally respected film festival.

French feminist group La Barbe, however, were less than impressed with the ratio of male to female directors nominated for the official selection.

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