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During the dig, Joe and his volunteers record artifacts by their layer and depth in the ground.

After digging a pit, they draw and photograph the walls of the pit.

Lab processing involves washing, sorting, and cataloging artifacts.

Joe uses the catalog to reconstruct the history of the site based on the artifacts.

Joe may perform the dig with the help of volunteers if it’s a City-funded project.

He also works with nonprofits to help reduce the cost of an archaeological survey.

The expanse of the Mauryan empire was very large- from Himalayas in the North, to present-day Assam in the East, to Baluchistan in the West, stretching to the South eastern parts of Iran and much of what is now Afghanistan, including the modern Herat and Kandhar provinces.

and its first king was Chandragupta Maurya who ruled from Patliputra (present-day Patna).

The Egyptian historian Manetho, writing later in the third century BC, says that a “demigod” named Menes rose to power as Egypt’s first pharaoh.Based on Manetho’s history, many historians have assigned long dates to the reign of Egypt’s pharaohs.Their dates would place the first dynasties before the biblical Flood, but we know that this cannot be true.He also publishes the results of the dig in a formal archaeological report.The report details the history and information found through the survey.

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