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I am amazed; the guys in Mexico are doing some quality work.As said before, the Bearhawk is a bit deceptive…it’s bigger than it looks.I’m using it for ranch work mostly now,checking cattle, water, etc. We had to clean the mud off of the tailwheel before we took off. She said when they took off she kept waiting for him to pull the throttle back and abort the takeoff.But I can usually get a couple of landing and takeoffs in each time too. She was sure there was something wrong with the airplane.I’m 6′ 250 and found it to be very comfortable, and not terribly difficult to get in.I have the flexibility of kiln dried lumber, so getting out was slightly awkward…but not a deterrent. I don’t think that there is an abnormal amount of adverse yaw, just the control forces at the rudder seemed higher than what I remember of typical span cans.He has done amazing flight demonstrations of the Helio Courier at Oshkosh, and checks their new pilots out in the Helio which is famous for its short field capabilities.He has flown all over the world and into some of the most difficult strips imaginable.

The Bearhawks short field/STOL capabilities, large cabin with generous real world useful load/CG envelope, and respectable cruise speeds make it a truly useful airplane.

I will be keeping in touch and possibly putting my order in after the 1st of the year. Very solid and does what you tell it to do, like it should. Bearhawk Aircraft has a QB kit on display plus the Demonstrator.

I must say thank you for the demo flight it has charged me with the drive to get one of the best flying airplane out there. This is the first time I’ve seen a Bearhawk in person, or have had a chance to look at the kit.

All of this took place with three people on board, with only one who was close to FAA normal male weight, and about 3/4 fuel.

I won’t comment on ground handling qualities at take-off or landing as I did not have control of the aircraft at those times.

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