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As a kid in Canada, years before he found stardom in smash hits like, he would write poems in which he tried to sort out what the universe was all about.But perhaps the most pivotal moment in Carrey's spiritual journey came when he played his comic idol, Andy Kaufman, in the 1999 film creates a kind of cinematic Venn diagram out of the lives of the two comedians."I didn't black out, but the balance was way in Andy's corner," says Carrey, who went on to win a Golden Globe Award for his performance in the film."I broke a couple of times on weekends and stuff, but pretty much from when I woke up to when I went to bed, the choices were all his."Carrey's insistence on staying in character at times proved exasperating to those around him, as when, playing Kaufman-as-Clifton, Carrey would hurl abuse at director Milos Forman. "I love Milos and I respect him greatly, but Tony doesn't," Carrey says.

"I was looking back at myself and going, 'What the hell do I believe? "That was a process."But having temporarily lost himself, Carrey started to find a deeper sense of freedom from the person he thought he was supposed to be. Like, 'Wait a second – I worked really hard putting this thing together'."But the good thing is that there is another facet to this now. This is the New York comedy showcase where Kaufman used to be the “house weirdo,” ordering meals and eating them onstage, playing kiddie records, showing home movies, doing everything but telling real jokes. Earlier, he was recognized by a gaggle of pimps in Fascination, a sleazy slice of electronic video-game heaven just off Times Square. “There are such psychological implications to that song, such great things you can do. The problem becomes what to do the next time, when everyone expects you not to be funny for ten minutes.Then, riding here in a hansom cab, the driver, a pretty brunette, claimed to be a fan of his from Saturday Night Live. In 1982, I hope to take an audience around the world in an ocean liner. ”By 1982, Kaufman figures to need a restful cruise. Kaufman’s solution to this problem is not to be funny for twenty minutes, and then for forty minutes.All the stuff that everyone took so seriously was just a game and theatre to him."For Carrey, who was coming off the acclaimed 1998 satire , it seemed only fitting that he should approach the role of Kaufman with that same spirit of playfulness and total commitment.In the end, Carrey's performance would become something more than an exercise in Method acting, verging on an out-of-body experience.

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