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As we've seen clearly from the election results, there are plenty of people in the past few days who have explained Clinton's loss in a million different ways. Because, for so many of us, Clinton's campaign (and particularly her loss) highlighted exactly what we'd all grown up experiencing, yet hadn't ever had someone there to put so clearly into words.As Tamblyn wrote, Through you, our eyes have been opened and we cannot un-know how much half of this country values women—including women themselves. We see how much we have underestimated the national causes against us—against our bodies, our liberties, and our freedoms.But as much as the sadness has at times felt overwhelming and totally demoralizing, the flip side, Tamblyn explained, is that Clinton's example finally gave women a way to mobilize that feeling, to finally direct it into something that mattered, and that had the potential to make a huge difference.

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With Taylor Swift looking on, potential jurors in her lawsuit against an ex-Denver radio host were asked Monday if they had ever been inappropriately touched or wrongly accused of groping someone - the issues at the center of the case.I felt it when I was a teenager, and got into fights with other girls.I felt it when I was a child playing with Barbies, creating a Barbie army who wore swords and capes.It's the same kind of message plenty of other of women have been expressing — publicly and privately — since the announcement that Trump pulled off the shocking win, but Tamblyn didn't just stop at describing our collective sadness. We've heard people say that Trump was the lesser of two evils, and that their votes for Trump had nothing to do with Clinton being a woman, or being in favor of rights for women and people of color and Muslims and the LGBTQ community, or survivors of sexual assault.She reminded us all that the reason why we were so sad and disappointed and heartbroken and angry is because Clinton's run for presidency taught us that we deserved so much more than what we've been given. But Tamblyn knows, just like so many of us know, that it is far more complex than that.

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