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Using the manual setting, you can adjust the shutter speed, exposure, aperture, and ISO (or at least your phone’s brightness setting) to control the amount of light reaching the camera’s detector.

A fast shutter speed helps minimize blurriness due to atmospheric turbulence, wind, a nontracking mount, or an unsteady hand holding the camera up to the eyepiece. Basically, the higher the ISO value, the greater the detector’s sensitivity to light.

I had almost none, I was sad to report, but I did have enough money to pay our car bill, our food bill and our credit card bill—from one night of work. I even got good at the “protection” part of the job.

When it came to “my girls,” I did whatever it took to keep them safe— be it washing their sex toys with antibac or convincing a pervy dude I was lethal at karate. When Lisa got pregnant with our first child, a girl, we decided it was time to hang up the driving gloves.

Spectacular images recorded by amateurs using digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, specialized planetary cameras, and large format CCDs dominate the pages of this magazine.

But the imaging devices you likely to own are smartphones, tablets, and compact “point-and-shoot” cameras.

Try using 200 or 400, at least to start, for the greatest dynamic range and lowest image noise.

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In New York, prostitutes on the West Side Highway are as common as pretzel vendors, so we looked for the L. We quickly found out, though, that unlike NYC, every woman on Santa Monica Blvd was actually a man, which was going to complicate our concept.

That first day, and night, I met “Nikki.” She seemed disappointed, since the job description called for not only a ride, but “protection,” and it was obvious I was ill-equipped to protect her.

But there was no one else, and we had six clients ahead of us.

We both hovered over the speaker phone and a nasally voice said, “You got a car? ” He pointed out the window to our gleaming 1998 Subaru Legacy Wagon.

“Nikki’s at this address.” He scribbled on a napkin.“You want me to pick her up now?

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