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The United States flew some of its most advanced warplanes in bombing drills with ally South Korea on Thursday, a clear warning to North Korea. However, diplomats expect resistance from Russia and fellow veto-wielding power China, particularly given that new measures were only announced on Aug. ban on travel by Americans to North Korea comes into effect on Friday, a step announced after the death of a U. student shortly after his release from a 15-year prison sentence in the country, where three other Americans are still detained.5 after North Korea tested its first two intercontinental ballistic missiles in July. China repeated a call on Thursday for restraint by all parties.France's foreign minister said on Friday that North Korea would have capability to send long-range ballistic missiles in a few months and urged China to be more active diplomatically to resolve the crisis.'The situation is extremely serious...we see North Korea setting itself as an objective to have tomorrow or the day after missiles that can transport nuclear weapons.Subsidence is shown on the map by red and yellow colours, with green representing stable ground across the majority of the country.The team said such maps could inform regulations around fracking and oil and gas production.'There are many things that cause the land to move - some are natural and some are man-made', Dr Andy Sowter, chief technology officer of Geomatic Ventures Limited, the company that processed the images, told Mail Online.'In places like the Scottish midlands they were coal mining for 150 years and that deep coal mining has caused the land to move in a number of ways', Dr Sowter said.As well as being caused by historical coal mining, this movement is also influenced by subsidence over peat-lands and landslides on steep slopes.Dr Sowter said there are many reasons why we should be worried about this land motion.

The overhead pictures of Punggye-ri nuclear test site, in the country's north east reveal Kim Jong-un could order a test blast 'at any time with minimal advance warning', experts say.

This technique has been used for a long time in urban areas but was difficult to apply in rural areas as the land changes shape through the seasons.

Now experts from Geomatic Ventures Limited have managed to filter through these variables and get clear readings of rural subsidence.

'In many areas across the UK these mining areas are collapsing and uplifting which causes minor earthquakes and tremors', he said.

'If these areas are already uplifting and subsiding and causing tremors and you're going to go into that area and start fracking you ought to know about that.

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