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Miami’s an Orthodox Jew, and we’re in the middle of the “Three Weeks,” a time of mourning. “It's a risky thing,” he says of the decision to broadcast real-time Snapchats of his patients’ surgeries.

A photographer seated next to a computer, where an assistant is answering emails, blurts out, “What’s that smell? “We’re the first to ever have a dialogue with our audience this way, as far as I know…we definitely touched a nerve.”It’s something Salzhauer’s used to, and while some might find him gimmicky or in bad taste, those closest to him think otherwise.

” There’s definitely something in the air, a cross between the spinning drill of a dentist, barbecuing meat, and plastic that’s just been lit on fire. I actually caught CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) Barry Miller scribbling “Genius?

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