Adult cyber chats

When the victim opened the email, she found sexually explicit photos of herself attached and information that detailed where she worked.

Following that were details of her personal life: her husband and her three kids. The demand made this hack different: This computer intrusion was not about money.

Can the 20 year old be criminally charged simply because he had cybersex in a chat room? So in this case it would be okay to believe the other persons age, since you cannot see or hear them and it's just words on a screen?

I had a feeling a prosecution would say that ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law...

The malicious software he employed provided access to all files, photos, and videos on the infected computers.

And if they did, he would then threaten them further, notifying them that he knew they had told someone.

In some cases, the effects of verbal bullying can reach a point where the victim is so depressed and wants to escape so badly that the victim may turn to substance abuse or, in extreme cases, suicide.

Words can have a significant power and the realities of verbal bullying can have very strong physical and emotional consequences, even if the aggressor never touches the victim.

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When we think of bullies, most of us think of children as the victims.Later in the day, to underscore his seriousness, the hacker followed up with another email threatening the victim: “You have six hours.” This victim knew her correspondent only as [email protected], but the attacker turned out to be a talented 32-year-old proficient in multiple computer languages.Located in Santa Ana, California, his name was Luis Mijangos.Often, these instances go unreported because the senior victim may be too ashamed to admit being in such a situation. However, bullying can take on different forms, including: In any of its forms, bullying aims to attack or intimidate another person, with the intention of causing fear, distress, or harm — either physical, verbal, or psychological.With verbal abuse, the bully's goal is still to degrade and demean the victim, while making the aggressor look dominant and powerful.

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