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Just the shimmery, gossamer pop that’s become their stock in trade via a picture-perfect’05 debut, “Room Noises,” and the more ambitious new follow up, “Combinations.” The petri-dish isolation of Tyler germinated an unusually original outfit, whose anachronistic songs feel something like a Victorian music box creaking open, spilling lullabies from a bygone era.And while Chauntelle’s voice may meld into a heavenly choir with those of her songwriting sisters Stacy (keyboards) and Sherri (guitar) on “Combinations” cuts like the kickoff single “Invasion,” the inspiration was anything but angelic. There’s a part where it says ‘Call me crazy, but they’re after us, one by one.'” Eisley’s first paranoid political anthem? “Well, it could be anything — you just never know.” Du Pree adds that her sister penned other more romantic tracks about her recent engagement (then marriage) to New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert.It’s just something for me, personally, because I believe that God knows the plans He has for me, so I don’t really have to worry too much about my future.thing the internet loves, it’s arguing about everything, all the time, forever and ever. All I can tell those people is man, you are missing the fuck out by sleeping on this record.IT’S A CURIOUS question in this age of rampant religious fundamentalism: Can Christianity and the relatively decadent world of rock’n’ roll actually mix? Home-schooled in tiny Tyler, Texas, the singer-guitarist was — like the rest of her quaint family band, Eisley — brought up with a reverent respect for the Holy Bible. “Because we try to follow Christ and be Christ-like, and we’ve gone to church ever since we were little.” That being said, the 25-year-old Du Pree adds a crucial counterpoint: “We also don’t look at our religion as a religion — it’s more of a personal relationship that we have with God. ’ That’s why we don’t write about it in our songs, we don’t talk about it from the stage.” Thus, when you catch Eisley at its Fillmore pulpit on Tuesday night, you won’t hear any pronounced preaching. ’ “You don’t do that with people — it’s like going ‘Hey, man, I’m going to make you be my friend!

One track, “Taking Control,” was co-produced by the band and Gilbert; the Du Prees returned the favor by crooning on New Found Glory’s latest album (as well as sets from Fair, Bright Eyes and Head Automatica).The rest was produced by Richard Gibbe, but mixed piecemeal by three different maestros — Tim Palmer, Austin Deptula and Csaba Petocz.“Sherri and Stacy do all the writing, and they’ve been writing ever since the last album,” Du Pree explains of the 10 finalized numbers’ origins.“‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ With a heart next to it.And ‘I know the plans I have for you’ — that’s another favorite Bible verse of mine.

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