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The objective of IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements is to establish principles for the ?

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To create consolidated financial statements, the assets and liabilities of the subsidiary are adjusted to fair market value, and those values are used in the combined financial statements.When a CPA firm puts together the consolidated financial statements, ABC's net assets are listed with a value of 0,000, and the 0,000 amount paid above the fair market value is posted to a goodwill asset account.The term “Anglo-Saxon accounting” (ASA) is used by a number of academic writers on the subject of International Accounting to refer to an approach to financial accounting and reporting that is supposedly common to the UK and Ireland, the USA and other English-speaking countries including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.Analysts and other stakeholders use consolidated financial statements, which present a parent and a subsidiary company as one combined company.A parent company buys a majority ownership percentage of a subsidiary company, and a non-controlling interest (NCI) purchases the remainder of the firm.

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