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The television version of the program was broadcast from February 1, 1953, until May 27, 1962.Each of the estimated 209 television episodes was an adaptation of a novel, short story, play, film, or magazine fiction.Lost in Space was an American science fiction television series, following the adventures of a family of pioneering space colonists whose ship goes off course.It was created and produced by Irwin Allen, filmed by 20th Century Fox Television, and broadcast on CBS.There are now search engines like the one above installed on the Front Door Page and the Main Library Page to make finding your favorite shows easier.

Neil Simon originally disapproved of this adaptation, but by the series' final season, he reassessed the show positively to the point of appearing in a cameo role.

The Mister Ed show concept was derived from a series of short stories by children's author Walter R.

Brooks, which began with The Talking Horse in the September 18, 1937, issue of Liberty magazine.

This is only the second time I have added too the library in a couple of years, and it completes the library until I find more of the missing eisodes..

I Married Joan was an American sitcom that aired on NBC from 1952 to 1955.

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