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Readers from many places ask about editions of Zecharia's books in other languages.Continuing to make this easier to find, books available in French from have been added to the "Books" page.Last week we heard new evidence of the existance in our solar system of another large planet, which might be Nibiru.This week Mathieu Ossendrijver published an article in Science magazine about a cuneiform tablet detailing the position of Jupiter based on geometrical calculations by the Babylonians in 350-50 BCE. "The idea of computing a body's displacement as an area in time-velocity space is usually traced back to 14th-century Europe.

People are increasingly in a panic about whether the world is about to end.

A frequent question received by the webmaster is regarding where to purchase videos of Zecharia Sitchin's talks. To facilitate your ability to find them, links have been added for the available videos on the "Books" page.

There is more exciting scientific news this week that corroborates Sitchin writings.

Although it is possible that celestial events have impacted Nibiru's orbit and shortened its annual cycle from 3600 years to something less, we don't need to worry about its presence near Earth for some time. During its existence, it has orbited the sun and come into the vicinity of Earth thousands of times. Zecharia believed that the Biblical Deluge was caused by the gravitational pull of Nibiru causing the Antarctic ice cap to slip into the ocean and create a world-wide tsunami that inundated the Earth.

In pre-history, Nibiru, or its moons, may have collided with Earth, exchanging genetic material that allowed life on both planets to evolve with compatible DNA.

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